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February 17, 2012 / maloney90


It looks like crowdsourcing is here to stay it continues to grow and is being used more and more by businesses even though it has obvious problems. Until these problems are sorted crowdsourcing will continue to be detrimental to design and the design community as it undermines and exploits the industry. Crowdsourcing websites provide businesses and clients a market place were they can get a vast amount of designs at the lowest possible prices, where they only have to pay one out of a hundred designers for work they have done. But by paying the lowest possible price comes a comprise in quality work. As the client only supplies a brief and no other form of contact designers can only produce work from the information in the brief, unable to question the client and find out more designers work suffers as the a missing an integral part of the design process; questioning the client and finding out their true needs. It leads us back to Misha Black’s quote “when the client and designer are in sympathy, they can together produce better work than that of which either alone would be capable of” and this is what crowdsourcing prevents; designers and clients working together as equals towards to the same goal instead the client is nothing more than a consumer and the designers are the slaves producing work hoping for very little pay if any at all.

Until these issues are tackled crowdsourcing will continue to undermine, devalue and dilute design.


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