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February 8, 2012 / maloney90

The industry’s stance on crowdsourcing

AIGA the professional body for design discourages designers from taking part in crowdsourcing or doing spec-work as they believe that “professional designers should be compensated fairly for their work and negotiate the ownership use of their intellectual and creative property through an engagement with clients.” (AIGA’s position on spec-work. n.d.) AIGA also points out how crowdsourcing and spec-work is detrimental to both designer and client as the client risks receiving work that is of lower quality as the designer hasn’t had enough time to thoroughly research and come out with alternative solutions for the client to consider. It is not just about discouraging designers from crowdsourcing AIGA also aims to educate clients about why approaching designers to take part in crowdsourcing or spec-work is not necessarily always the best option.

As designers have become more fearful of the increase in work being crowdsourced a campaign NO!SPEC has began to try and bring the issue into the public spotlight. The aim of the NO!SPEC campaign is to promote “professional, ethical business practices by saying NO! to spec.” (About NO!SPEC. n.d.)

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

As we can see the industry is strongly against crowdsourcing yet it is continuing to thrive. This is probably down to the fact that as long as there are clients submitting briefs and offering money there will always be people willing to enter the contests. The people taking part don’t take into account the fact that they are not being fairly compensated for the work they are submitting they just see the chance to win money.

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